Improving the lives and prospects of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds is the focus for Full Effect. It’s an initiative close to Prince Harry’s heart, as he first thought of the idea after privately visiting the St Ann’s area of Nottingham in 2013. In the past four years, the project has thrived and is now established as one of the area’s main sources of hope, opportunity and empowerment for local young people.

We brought together two local organisations – the Community Recording Studio (CRS) and Epic Partners – to form a new partnership to deliver programmes and activities created to reduce crime and youth violence in the area. The activities on offer range from sports sessions to drama workshops, filmmaking, music and dance.

There’s a strong mentoring team and great support from Huntington Academy, St Ann’s Well Academy and Nottingham Academy. And it’s working. Support for children at primary and secondary school has reduced school exclusions to almost zero, educational attainment has improved markedly for some, and all of the children have seen improvements in their confidence, communication and social skills. 1,000 children have participated in sports and music sessions during school holidays and after-school sessions.

Film and live performances have showcased the talents of St Ann’s young musicians, dancers and artists. The Full Effect approach is creating a new cohort of young mentors and role models who are supporting and guiding the next generation of local children.

The talent of the young people supported by the Full Effect can be seen in the co created short film “Guillemot” (rated 15)