Established in 2014 by The Royal Foundation, the Full Effect project is helping to tackle the problem of youth violence and gang culture in Nottingham.Working in particularly deprived areas, Full Effect supports both primary school children, and young people in their teens and twenties, so those most hard-to-reach can access support. For the primary school children, Full Effect currently provides:

  • a programme of diversionary activities out of school hours, including sports and creative workshops, totalling 12 sessions a week serving 150 children
  • targeted work for children at risk outside and in school hours, such as lunchtime nurture sessions

The older age group are encouraged to develop into Young Leaders in St Ann’s, inspiring the next generation to nurture their talents and learn from others. Furthermore, Full Effect is working to equip young people with qualifications, training and work placements to prepare them for the working world.

Watch the short film (BBFC rated 15) “Guillemot” produced by the young people involved in the Full Effect programme, supported by The Royal Foundation, below

YouTube / Full Effect – via Iframely


Full Effect was externally evaluated in 2015, revealing the project is starting to make a difference and achieve positive outcomes for the children involved. Full Effect is becoming more embedded within the three primary schools and is currently supporting 28 children intensively who have been identified as ‘most at risk’.

A Full Effect talent showcase of its young people took place at Nottingham Contemporary –a prestigious city centre venue with 15 acts, and a full auditorium of 300 young people.


Full Effect will now focus on a ‘whole school’ approach emphasising resilience. This includes plans to develop resources to promote good behaviour and peer mentoring as part of the school curriculum.

Additionally, Full Effect is looking at how to support children through the often challenging transition into secondary school, a crucial time in maintaining access to the project.
Further future creative projects such as a ‘hip opera’ will enable Full Effect to help young people gain skills, qualifications and experience.

Watch a performance from some of these talented youngsters below

YouTube / Full Effect – via Iframely


  • Community Recording Studio
  • EPIC Partners

If this project wasn't here I'd be in a negative crowd, It's opened endless opportunities and now a job...

Full Effect Young Leader