Following the signing of the United for Wildlife ‘Buckingham Palace Declaration’ in March 2016, the signatories to the Declaration identified the establishment of a system to share information on illegal wildlife trade as a priority action for the group. Since the system’s launch in March 2017, 25,000 employees from the global transport industry have received training to help tackle the illegal wildlife trade based on information from the system.

Since June, the signatories and the system have helped trigger investigations in many countries around the world, and seized products with a street value of more than £500,000.

As President of United for Wildlife, The Duke of Cambridge brought together more than 40 leaders from airlines, shipping firms, port operators, customs, NGOs and charities to work collectively to combat illegal wildlife trafficking, through a ‘Transportation Taskforce’ under the chairmanship of Lord Hague of Richmond.

In the past eight months, the information sharing system developed to support the Declaration signatories has issued 24 alerts and supported sharing of information across the private sector and enforcement agencies.

The Royal Mail, China Southern Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines and Mediterranean Shipping Company will today be the latest organisations to sign the Declaration and pledge to implementing the 11 commitments it contains to combat illegal wildlife trade.

The Duke of Cambridge and Lord Hague will host the latest meeting of United for Wildlife’s Transport Taskforce at Lancaster House today, Wednesday the 1st of November.

Today will mark more than 90 organisations working together to prevent the transportation of illegal wildlife products. Our work is one part of a great international effort to save some of the world’s most treasured animal species from extinction in the wild. While we are making progress we are all determined to intensify our efforts, making greater use of our information sharing system and communicating to customers, passengers and further companies about how they can help. The next international conference on the illegal wildlife trade, to be held in London next year, should now become the focus of the global effort to defeat this destructive and unacceptable trade

Lord Hague of Richmond

You can find a copy of the declaration here: Taskforce Declaration

As well as the explanatory note that provides further details on some of the actions:
Taskforce Declaration Explanatory Note

Click here to find a copy of all of the signatories so far: Declaration signatories

If your company would like to join the Transport Taskforce, please contact us at: [email protected]